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Look What You Made Me Do ;)

A response to Ross Tucker, Swiftie.

I do not hate Taylor Swift. No Bad Blood here. If NFL Analyst, Ross Tucker had simply stated that he likes her music better than Prince’s, I’d still think he has lots to learn about what good music is, but wouldn’t argue with him about his choice. I get it. He likes to hear her sing, see her perform, cool. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I do not begrudge Mr. Tucker his love for Ms. Swift. He can love her 2 the 9s as far as I’m concerned. He can do so without disparaging Prince. Since he chose not to do so, I am choosing to respond to Mr. Tucker’s tweets (posted below) in kind. Oh, Mr. Tucker, Look What You Made Me Do. ;)


@RossTuckerNFL Dec 13:

Please don't ever compare Prince to @taylorswift13 ever again.

ESPECIALLY on her birthday. I just confirmed with my ears that she has at least 10 songs better than any of his. (emphasis added)


No. No. NO! HELL NO! No! No! No! NO!!! {In my Tracy Morgan voice}.

WHICH TEN!?!?!? Confirmed with your ears how? You mean to say that you listened to Prince’s entire catalogue in comparison to Taylor Swift’s and could not find a single song of his that is better than, at minimum, 10 of her songs??? In real life?!?

No, you did not do that. We know this for a fact, because his entire catalogue has not even been released. You may state factually that you like 10, 20, 30, 70, or whatever number of her songs better than you like his, but to purport that they ARE better than ANY of his when you have not in fact even heard them all is disingenuous.

Additionally, the statement reads like it’s some sort of insult for a musician/songwriter to be compared to Prince, when it is in fact an honor to even be considered in the same stratosphere as this legendary musician. I re-watched video today of Taylor Swift herself giggling like a schoolgirl and cheering for Prince as he appeared to present an award at the 2013 Grammys. Anyone with any respect for the talent and skill it takes to do what he did is looking at that tweet with heavy, heavy side-eye. Truth be told, that tweet is disintegrated with two words, Purple Rain, but I ain’t through. :)



#1 singles all-time: Taylor Swift - 9 Prince – 5

And she's not even close to done yet. It's ok to admit you like Taylor Swift, guys, unless you're too insecure.

7:30 AM - 13 Dec 2018


Flag on the play! Or, as we would say in my world, ‘Objection, to Mr. Tucker misstating the evidence.’

Ahhh, Nope, Mr. Tucker. Taylor Swift has 5 Billboard No. 1 singles, just like Prince.[1] Now, I will stipulate to the fact that it’s okay to admit you like Taylor Swift. Absolutely. It is not, however, okay to inflate her record in order to prove your point.

And understand this, No. 1 hits do not automatically, equal talent, no do lack of No. 1 hits automatically equal lack of talent. See Exhibit A: Crank That Soulja Boy(Soulja Boy Tell ‘em) and Informer(Snow) were Billboard No. 1 hits. Take that however you want to. See Exhibit B: Neither Bob Dylan, nor Bruce Springsteen made it to No. 1. The point is this, there are several factors that contribute to the success/failure of songs on the charts, and talent and skill are not always the driving forces behind the numbers.

Consider the times, what’s happening in popular culture. When Prince was No. 1 on the Billboard Charts he had the likes of Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Ritchie, and John Waite, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Elton John as his competition. Taylor is competing against ...well, I’m just gonna come on out and say it, the game has changed, the competitors aren’t who they used to be. That doesn’t come across very nice, and I realize that. Darn it, again, Mr. Tucker, Look What You Made Me do.

Comparing Prince to Taylor Swift is a major apples to oranges mismatch. True, Ms. Swift is a singer-songwriter, and plays multiple instruments, four to be exact: guitar, ukulele, banjo, and piano. Admirable. Prince-level admirable, no, but great nonetheless.

He, on the other hand, mastered 20+ instruments and created entire music-world-changing albums in the studio alone, a literal one-man-band. He patented his own musical instrument (Purpleaxxe/keytar). He created an entire genre of music. He changed the way people think about music in terms of ownership. He left a major record label to create and distribute his own music without getting messed over by record company executives, and if you don’t understand how record labels played into record sales and radio play, especially back before the Internet and streaming … I Can’t Do Nothing For Ya, Man {in my Flavor Flav voice}.

Again, saying her music sounds better to you personally is one thing. Saying the music itself

IS better is than Prince’s is something else. It simply isn’t necessary in my opinion, as Nothing Compares to Prince, but at least make a fair comparison if you must do so. Why not compare her to an artist like Jewel or Tracey Chapman? I love all kinds of music and definitely have my favorites, mostly Prince, but also Queen, Europe, Mint Condition, and a few others. I also dig Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi had 4 Billboard No. 1’s to Queen’s 2. I love me some Slippery When Wet, but chart numbers will never convince me that I want to hear Jon Bon Jovi (or really any other rock lead) singing more than I love to hear Freddie Mercury. I enjoy both bands in different ways – for me Richie Sambora guitar is key, to my love for Bon Jovi. They’re two amazing bands both deserving of the love and admiration of their fans for different reasons. No need to disparage one for the other. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences. Denigrating an artist as a show of love for another artist just isn’t necessary. Disrespect for an extraordinary, legendary musician, performer, and artist like Prince, who has recently transcended this plane of existence for the next, is unacceptable. Not having it. Period. Love whomever you want to, but don’t come for Prince. Just don’t.





[1]Billboard Chart History 2018,


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