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So Dark

VioletViewPoint: Purple Army/Purple World Continued

“There’s a dark side to everything.”[1]


This week I am just going to go ahead and say the things you’re not supposed to say out loud … out loud. Shedding some light on the dark side of Purple Life. Because it originates out of Love, I am usually caught off guard, extra disappointed, and extra heartbroken when Purple Word seems overrun by darkness. Truthfully, because humans live there, I should not be surprised.

By the way, did you figure out where you reside in the Purple World? Regarding my prior blog, I had a few people contact me with “feelings” about not wanting to be ranked or feeling badly because they wanted to be in a higher category. To them I respond thusly:

We all got a space to fill.

Everybody can’t be on top. Dig it?[2]

We each are given certain gifts and opportunities and it makes no sense to begrudge others what they earn, or are given, or complain about where we are individually in comparison to others.

Prince talked about his Fam coming to see him at Paisley, about Fam coming to his shows, about us buying his music, and recognized that many did so repeatedly. He was once in our position, writing to Joni Mitchell, who was a great inspiration, to him before we knew who he was. Those who not only profess their love for an artist by word, but who also show the artist love by deed, should be allotted a certain amount of respect for the extra effort undertaken.

You can only be where you are, right or wrong, no need to try and justify or tear other folks down. Some folks even attempt to add characteristics to others’ personalities, or pretend to know what actually takes place in the daily lives of strangers in order to explain away those people taking action to show love. Unless you see with your own eyes, you don’t truly know what another person may or may not have to sacrifice in order to follow their dreams.

I am always nonplussed by folks who lose their minds, over someone else’s hard-earned status, basically saying, “what about me, I haven’t yet done anything, but I should be recognized and applauded.” I am also am amazed by the number of people who expect something for nothing. They want the prize but do not want to work, AND are completely willing to step on the ones who have earned prizes and snatch them from their hands. Tha heck? Anywho, IMO, if one is truly unhappy with their position in life, the surest way to cure that ailment is to deal with it directly, not project negativity onto others who are doing what they need to do.

The 4/21ers stepping on the toes of the 30-plus-year Purple Army Vets is but one area of regular ugliness. The nonsense afoot runs the gamut from Snobbery and Bullying to Judgment and Discrimination, to Leeching, Lies, and Manipulation. It’s crazy, because based on lyrical content, the music (which is what brings us together in the first place) is about love and acceptance. We dance to it, sing along, but do not act any of it out in life. Smh. I won’t cover every single issue here.

I can’t tell you what I don’t know. I can however, present to you what I have experienced, and/or seen with my own eyes. I have had a great time meeting and getting to know people who are connected to Prince, some in very, very close ways and others very remote. My personal observation has been that some folks will embellish as to the nature and extent of their relationship with him, and often, the more remote the connection, the more of a snob the person tends to be, i.e., they will completely ignore, and sometimes even disrespect those they deem to be the “nobodies” and climb over them in order to stand next to the “important” Purple Folk in a photo. Interestingly, I have even seen some who forget they’ve met and been rude to a person, begin breaking their neck to seem connected to that person because they learned that maybe they weren’t a nobody after all. Nice.

We have folks who think that because they knew Prince in some capacity, they are exempt from treating other humans with common decency, using and abusing people in his name. Interestingly, Karen Lee, his former publicist, shares lovely memories of how he cared for his Fam and did special things to show appreciation for us. Some of us have fond memories of being the lucky recipients of his appreciation while he was here. He was PRINCE, the man himself, and yet he showed love and respect for the “nobodies,” so why then would a person believe their relationship to him gives them the right to be mean and disrespectful?

Unfortunately, racial discrimination and/or insensitivity also rears its ugly head in the Purple World. To be clear, I have met and become close with all kinds of people from all parts of the world, who are truly all about love for one another. Then, I have personally had negative experiences, with certain female fans, specifically, the ones who like to minimize Prince into their own pretty, little Mandingo fetish, yep, I said it. These women have tried to bully me, and “put me in my place” … at the back of the line, as a lowly person of color {sarcasm}.

During the initial phases of Kaepernick’s Take a Knee campaign, I had people tell me that Prince didn’t care about that type of thing, and that they just wanted to listen to the music and not talk politics. My response: Soooo, you won’t be listening to Dreamer, or Colonized Mind, or Baltimore, or…nevermind. Sigh. I forgot one stops being Black once they become famous{more sarcasm}. Note: One can be accepting of others and still be proud of who they are and where they come from. That is in fact a thing.


There are only two kinds of folk And the difference they make The ones that give And the ones that take[3]

Prince gave us so much, and he didn’t ask us for much in return, only that show up and that we listen. I am saddened by the fact that some people, who do not actually care about him or his legacy at all, are pretending to care and using his name to take from others dishonestly, and not even offering anything of value in return. There were people who used him and others when he was here, so I suppose it’s just a continuation. Still saddens me though. Some of us live a daily Purple Life. Some of us put on Purple Airs when it suits our motive. Sigh. Note: I’m not talking about people who work, people who create invaluable products using their special gifts, using the talent and skill that made them important to him.

I’m also not here to point the finger at anyone in particular, or call anyone out by name. The situation is what it is. Folks can use their intellect and deductive reasoning skills. Most of it is happening right in plain sight, though many choose not to see. We get comfortable. We zombie our way through life, often allowing things to slide that simply shouldn’t. Then there are those of us would who would actively help a person commit murder and then help them hide the body just because the person who asked for the help is famous, even if only slightly so. I don’t have a “doing time” type of disposition, therefore I will not be intentionally helping anyone commit any crime of any kind, whether that person be famous, infamous, or other. But that’s me.

My hope is that calling this nonsense what it is out loud will cause people to wake up, to recognize it when they see it happening, and stop it if they can. Or, if you are one of the Guilty Ones[4], you stop, realize the potential damage you’re doing, and take corrective action.

Believe it or not, there are still many, many people who have yet to learn about the Purple Yoda From Minnesota[5]. You may be the only connection they have to learning about him and the way you represent, especially using his name could affect his legacy.

Much Love 2 u,





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