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To Prince...

Originally Posted on Instagram 12/11/2017 From Chanhassen, MN:

One of the things I like about being here is the people. Some are not even “fans” per se but they’re always happy to volunteer a story about their connection to him. This hydrant is something I would never ever in a million years have noticed cuz...but the gentleman who sold it came up to me & mentioned it. He said the others are the usual red color but was very excited that they were able to get a purple one for the north fence. He was so proud & excited - I told him I’d make sure to look for it(lol at myself ‘looking for the purple fire hydrant’) so I did. He had the cutest little family, wife and two little boys who were fighting to see who got to push the elevator button. :) That’s the thing I love, seeing how far-reaching his effect truly is. There’s a certain way people speak when sharing their stories, a certain warmness. They tend to smile more and often want to hug and commiserate - complete strangers of all kinds upon first meeting, just being kind to each other because that’s the feeling he generates. So powerful.


Update 11/16/2018:

Part of my story as included in To Prince We Thank You centers around this experience. My great fear is that I did not effectively convey my message. What touched me that day was how kind this man, a complete stranger, was to me, simply because he understood that I had traveled there because I love Prince, and he, not even being a "fan" per se, truly respected him. Living in the PurpleWorld as I do, I see and experience Fam not being half as kind to each other as this stranger was to me although we are all brought together for the same reason. We all need to be better humans.

Here's 2 Hope




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