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VioletViewPoint: Welcome 2 The Dawn ... of a New Paisley Park Museum Management Plan

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The sky was all purple, there were people running everywhere...[1]

At this point, we've all seen them out there, "Elvis has left the building," "Dead Like Elvis," and other similar quotes exploding into the Purple World discussion. Some Purple Folk are trying to promote Positivity ;) while others are already in a panic because, you know, humans.

Law is reason free from passion.[2]

In sharing my VioletViewpoint, I figured I'd give those folks who don't know, and haven't asked anybody, an idea of where I fall on issues of this type. Me: PurpleGirl for life, a lil' bit off, overly emotional about P, as one would expect, and yet, completely rational when it comes to legal issues, because, 1. I am an attorney, and, 2. I am Gemini, lol. (I am not interested in perpetuating negativity or mental meltdowns over every event in this matter).

While I can grasp the concept of Bremer Trust (as Special Administrator at the time) hiring Graceland Holdings back in 2016 to manage Paisley Museum intellectually, I continue to maintain my assertion that an Extraordinary Existence requires an Extraordinary Estate. While Comerica continues to act as Personal Representative for the Estate, my hope is that the ending of the contract with Graceland Holdings marks the Genesis of a New Dawn, i.e., employing the idea of the Extraordinary Estate.

Communication is important. Discussing Prince and all things related is a sport we probably have all lettered in at this point. ;) IMO, accurate info, and intelligent discourse are essential to a meaningful exchange. In that vein I hope to provide some clarity to the discussion.

Misleading Info

1. The heirs do not agree on anything.

To be sure, there has definitely been some discord, and additional court costs/legal fees expended due to disagreement among the heirs themselves, as well as the heirs disagreeing with decisions made by Comerica. Interestingly, according to court documents, there is at least one thing the heirs did agree on, this year: that Comerica's authority as Personal Representative should be limited. They filed a JOINT petition to that end, in April 2019, a document that all six heirs signed in agreement.*

The heirs asked the court to limit Comerica's authority, to only allowing it to make deals using materials "that existed prior to Prince's death." They wanted to prevent Comerica from administering "any new assets ... or derivative works from preexisting assets.” The heirs also, among other things, asked the court to require Comerica to seek court approval prior to entering into agreements that could last longer than one year.*

In its response Comerica argued that the court granting these requests would prevent them, as Corporate Personal Representative, from approving licensing requests, approving merchandise, and overseeing the Paisley Park Museum. Comerica also purported that the heirs/counsel had to date acted in certain ways and engaged in activities harmful to the Estate's best interests, and that the heirs' request for limitation of its authority arose out of those bad acts.*

Ultimately, the heirs' motion was denied. Taking all of the arguments into account, in denying the motion, the Court stated that based on some of the heirs/attorneys' recent behavior (namely, providing confidential materials to various potential investors/lenders in order to enrich themselves at the expense of the best interests of the Estate) the Court was more likely to settle future disputes by limiting the heirs' ability to participate, than it was to limit Comerica's authority.* The Balancing Test while the Estate is open = the interests of the heirs in the Estate vs. the Personal Representative's ability to effectively administer the Estate, and/or personal agendas v best interests of the Estate.

2. The family is "Taking Over"

The Estate = Comerica as Corporate Personal Representative, acting in good faith, conducting heirs' meetings, giving accountings, taking heirs' interests into consideration, and then making decisions, in order to pay the Estate's debts, collect the assets/inventory same, and ultimately close out the Estate, distributing the remaining assets to the heirs per law. Graceland Holdings was hired to manage the museum as an entity with experience in the area. The heirs will not be personally managing the museum, it is more likely that Comerica will hire another manager of the day-to-day museum operations, giving the heirs information on the plan, and an opportunity to object to any proposals.

A special task force created for the Museum Management Project would seem more appropriate to the administration of an Extraordinary Estate, yes?

The family members are not autonomously making decisions for the Estate. Until the Estate is closed, and even for some time after, per law, Comerica is making decisions, with input from the heirs (not stating that's exactly what's actually happening - per court docs filed by Sharon Nelson, that's the opposite of what is happening). The Court, in its order denying the heirs' request to limit Comerica set forth that the parties are to use a mediator to settle disagreements on issues going forward. The Court also ordered Comerica to continue to work with Troy Carter(Spotify) under their agreement wherein he is the one who 'seeks new entertainment opportunities for the Estate, reviews proposals made to the Estate, and provides creative direction to entertainment deals.'*

Nothing comes from talkers but sound.

We can talk all we want to...[3]

What can we do? What's important in all of this? IMO, ideas for generating revenue so that creditors are paid, the Estate is closed (no more money is expended in legal fees for this part of the process) and that future operations are successfully maintained once the Estate is closed are key.

Understanding that the Estate cannot close until, for one thing, debts are paid, help with generating revenue is something we can do now. IRS and MNDOR tax debts going unpaid...I think we can all imagine where that possibly leads. So, Party Like It's 1999 - go to the museum. Go see live bands. Some of his associated musicians and others are PRINCEspired to keep the music going. Show them love. Buy album reissues if you want to/can. Be supportive and communicative with the ones who can make the changes needed. Let them know we care, we will support, we will participate.

Sitting around complaining, blaming, & judging his family members based on half-truths/falsehoods protects the legacy how?

Much Love 2 u,





[1] Lyrics from 1999, Prince., 1999., Warner Bros.,1982.

[2] Aristotle.

[3] Round and Round, Tevin Campbell/Prince., Graffiti Bridge, Warner Bros.,1990.

[*] See Parties' Motions/Responses & Court's Order dated 4/23/2019, in Cause No. 10-PR-16-46, District Court, State of Minnesota, First Judicial Distric

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