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What's My Name?

What’s My Name?[1]

I Am Violet[2] … those of you who know the deal probably immediately went into the chorus of that song we all know so well. Those of you, who don’t know, well, you better ask somebody. ;) …and with that, I suppose I’d better begin here in earnest, with a little quick & dirty guide for the new converts to the church of the Holy FunknRoller, the PurpleYoda From Minnesota[3], Prince Rogers Nelson.

I am Violet Brown, Attorney, Real-Music enthusiast, and a couple of other things, but most relevant to this conversation, I am PrinceGirlCrazy. I grew up listening to Prince, and, just as many people the world over, have been deeply affected by his this transcending this plane of existence. For the past two years plus, many of us in the Purple World have been doing what we can to cope with the grief, disbelief, hopelessness, feeling just plain old crazy, and in some cases regret, that all continues to wash over us in powerful waves, still so powerful that we are sometimes left as raw and in as much pain as we felt collectively in 2016, the worst time it snowed in April.[4] We struggle, but we cope. We are there for each other. We are Purple Fam, and we believe in Love4OneAnother.

Now, make no mistake, the Purple World is, and always has been a very real place. The Kingdom has recently undergone a major a population explosion, similar to that of the post-WWII Baby Boom. Following the events of April 21, 2016, hundreds of thousands of new purple peeps were born into the millions-strong ranks of the Purple Army. I will delve further into this particular phenomenon at later date. Today, my purpose here is simply a light intro.

Those who live daily in the Purple World are called Purple Fam. No, not fans, Fam, as we are all well aware of Prince’s verbalizing his distaste for the word fan, as being derived from the word fanatic. We have our own language. I am fluent in it, and know people all over the world with whom I speak the language of Prince Lyric. Yes, that’s a real thing too. Meet up with any diehard Fam and say, “Love is God, God is Love…” and I guarantee you they will respond by saying, “Girls & Boys, Love God Above.”[5] Try it out and let me know how it goes.

I live daily in Purple World and freely admit to being PrinceGirlCrazy. I actually do own a Raspberry Beret, and though I did not find it at a second hand store, I do still break into a sly smile whenever I walk in through an out door.[6] ;) Now, I’m not the type to climb over anyone’s security gates, or try to break into any buildings wearing my wedding gown, but I do love him to 2 the 9s,[7] always have and always will, and I know that I am not alone.

With all the Purple Fam I know, most of us can admit to our level of devotion being outside the norm, because we recognize that the one to whom we direct our passions was well above and beyond any norm. He gave to us continuously in various ways, on stage and off, and the least we can do is return that love to him and remind the world what he did here, and what he did was, is, and ever shall be tremendous.

Now, I am a person who thrives on Positivity[8] and so I cannot walk away from a piece without including a little bit of it. Some of the positive things about the post-Purple-Yoda-world are the connections between Fam of all levels, from all over the world, the continuation of his work in the area of philanthropy, and the Real Musicians making sure to carry out his legacy in the best way possible, by playing Real Music.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Fam on more than one continent because of the efforts of these Real Musicians and former PRN associates who continue to do The Work.[9] Nothing we do can bring him back. We do have each other. I want you to know that there are people all over the world who get you and what you may feel are inexplicably overwhelming feelings of loss, who would love to meet up with you to talk Prince and listen to his music. There are people who never ever get tired of talking about Prince or listening to his music, LOL (raising my hand, guilty).

I totally enjoy helping others, this is why I became an attorney. I currently encourage others to get up, go out and experience the real music still being played by real musicians who played with him and who still bring joy to the world. Music heals. I like to think of my role in the Purple World in this way, I help people (myself included) navigate This Thing Called Life…After. If I can help, I will. Sometimes we just need someone to listen us, or to feel understood. I understand, truly I do.

Fair to partly crazy, deep down we're all the same Every single one of us knows some kind of pain In the middle of all that's crazy, this one fact still remains If you love somebody, your life won't be in vain And there's always a rainbow, at the end of every rain[10]

Thank you for giving me the gift of your time. Now that you’ve listened to me, I want to do the same for you. What’s your Prince story? How have you been affected by his transcending? I welcome you to share here and look forward to meeting more of you at the next major Purple Events.

Much Love 2 u,




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Me, in ma-Raspberry Beret. Single Album Cover, the B-side of which is my Soul Song...Fam know without me saying.

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